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Rabindra Sangeet

Rabindra sangeet has strong cultural influence in Bengal. Rabindra Sangeet is music composed by Rabindranath Tagore, which added a new dimension to the music scene in India  and to the music culture in Bengal in particular. Rabindra sangeet uses Indian classical music and traditional folk music to make its own kind of music. If you have had no exposure to Rabindra sangeet, then you can go to our Rabindra sangeet free download section, download and listen to the songs. Rabindranath Tagore has written over 2230 songs. Both East Bengal and West Bengal owes its culture to a great extent to Rabindra Sangeet. Rabindra Sangeet is being sung almost in all kinds of festivals attached with Bengali Culture. Its synonymous to Bengali Culture and its various facets. Rabindranath composed songs in various places. Rabindranath Thakur formed Visva Bharati at Santiniketan. Sangeet Bhavana in Santiniketan is famous for teaching Rabindra Sangeet, Indian Classical songs and other form of music. Many of Sangeet Bhavana students are famous singers today.

You might be a listener or a learner of Rabindra sangeet. Either ways it will be a privilege to look into our Rabindra sangeet free download section. When you think of Rabindra sangeet, the name Kanika Bandopadhyay comes to the mind. Abanindranath Tagore referred to Kanika by the name Mohar, and she is known to her dedicated listeners by the same name.

In Bengal, there have been men like Debabrata Biswas, who is the most popular among the male singers of Rabindra sangeet. These songs are melodious, musical, classical, and favorite among the people in Bengal.

Hemanta Kumar Mukhopadhyay is well known for Bengali contemporary numbers and Hindi songs. He was quite passionate about Rabindra sangeet. He was responsible for making Rabindra sangeet popular among all sections of Bengalis all over the world.

There is another famous singer by the name Suchitra Mitra, who like Kanika Bandyopadhyay, is a very virtuous singer. Many of the contemporary singers have trained under Suchitra Mitra and Kanika Bandyopadhyay. Some of the other famous singers of Rabindra sangeet are Pankaj Mullick, Shanti dev Ghosh,Subinoy Roy,Arghya sen, Sagar Sen,Mohan Singh Khangura,Pijush Kanti Sarkar,Geeta Ghatak, Nilima Sen,Pramita Mullick,Swastika Mukhopadhyay,Sumitra Sen,Sharmila Roy Promot,Kabir Suman,Srikanto Acharya,Sraboni sen, Indranil Sen, Lopamudra Mitra, Swagatalakshmi Dasgupta, Banani Ghosh,Rejwana Choudhury Bonnya and many more. All these singers have made great contribution to Rabindra sangeet.

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